August 2017 | Telling Stories

So the other day I am chatting with my guy friend who is a teacher and he tells me he has decided to write a series of children's books because he is unsatisfied with what is out there and because "it can't really be that hard...all the content is pretty much the same."

After immediately ending my convo with him and vowing never to speak to him again, I get on the phone with my brother and start my (regularly repeated) rant about how no one respects the art of writing anymore and there are so many people out there putting out free books of low quality and blah blah blah. As expected he laughs at me because he never really takes me seriously unless there is money involved.

But as I am sulking and walking home I think about why I started writing. And it was never to sell books. It was just becaused I love making up stories. And I did it for me. I enjoy my stories more than anyone else. And I don't know what that says about me, but I do know that if I DON'T like my story, I can be sure many people won't either. So I want to go back there; to writing for me. And if I do, I think you will like the stories better also.

The lucky thing for you is that writing for me will mean lots of shorter free stories that you will see here. So keep an eye out for new projects soon and as you read let me know what you think, otherwise I will just be ranting to my brother again, and we all know how productive that will be. (RB)

© 2017 Rhonda Bowen. Toronto, Ontario
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