ISBN-10: 0758259581

February 2012



 One Way or Another

Sometimes a little persistence pays off...

Toni knows what she wants, and she’s usually pretty good at manipulating people to get it - especially when it could mean her byline on the front page of the morning paper. But she hits a wall when she meets Adam Bayne, the sexy but stubborn head of the Jacob’s House Young Men’s Rehabilitation Centre, who refuses her access to her next big story.

Adam knew Toni would be a problem the day he watched her try and bargain her way out of arrest charges. So there was no way he was letting the law-breaking woman anywhere near any of his boys. But when Jerome Douglas’ court case takes a turn for the worse, and Toni offers them a solution, it’s hard to say no.

Soon they are both more entangled in each other's lives than they ever intended. And when the secrets of both their pasts come to the surface they must count on their faith to get them through, one way or another.


"Less a traditional romance novel and more a story of faith and redemption, Bowen’s sophomore outing enchants from the first page."
- Publisher's Weekly



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