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Man Enough For Me 
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Man Enough For Me


Man Enough For Me 

Career? Check.

Fast-paced exciting second career? Check.

Amazing best friends? Check

Functional mother-daughter relationship? Uncheck.

Love life? Double uncheck.

Jules Jackson is more or less satisfied with her life. Sure, her job as a Toronto based publicist can get pretty hectic, and her relationship with her mom is less than perfect. But her relationship with God is enough to get her through those minor patches. Yes she is pretty content. That is until the night she meets Germaine Williams, while promoting a client who is performing at Germaines lounge. Before she knows it, she is throwing caution to the wind, and falling hard for a man she has just met.

But Germaine isn't all that he seems, and when Jules start asking questions, things start getting more complicated than she planned for.With everything in her life up in the air, she must decide whether she is willing to give up what is sure for something and someone that is more than she could ever ask for.


"Man Enough for Me has just enough drama, romance and faith that keeps you turning pages. It's the kind of novel that brings back laughable memories of the good, bad, and ugly of relationships that you and your girlfriends have endured...This one is definitely for the ladies!”

-- Tia McCollors, Essence® bestselling author


“Christian fiction fans will love this book! Man Enough For Me has heaping helpings of faith, prayer and redemption. I expect that readers will be clamoring for more from Rhonda Bowen.”

--Tiffany L. Warren, Essence® bestselling author  


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