March 2016

Welcome to the website of Rhonda Bowen, author of Hitting the Right Note 

Under My Rules

Portia Wynters has finally gotten her life under control and she is not letting anyone take that away from her. Not the financial analysts and their predictions for her company; not her brother and his bad business decisions; not the voices in her head; and definitely not Khai no-last-name, even if he did get rid of her stalker neighbour and is too handsome for his own good. No. She is absolutely never ever dating Khai. At least not again...

There’s not a problem that Khai can’t fix. Except when it involves getting Portia to go out on a second date with him. The beautiful, generous, headcase of a woman is everything he wants. But having her means facing a faith he has spent the better part of his life running from. Khai tries to resist, but it turns out God wants Khai’s heart even more than Khai wants Portia’s. And neither is willing to take no for an answer.

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