Under My Skin

Coming June 2015

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Welcome to the website of Rhonda Bowen, author of Man Enough For Me
and upcoming title:

Under My Skin

Available June 15, 2015

The moment Image Consultant Morgan Cox walked into the conference room Derek Wynters knew he had a problem. There was no way he would be able to work with this over-styled, overconfident, over-involved woman. Leaving her in charge of the image of his million-dollar footwear company was definitely out of the question. But the instant she slipped one of her gorgeous feet into his custom designed high tops he knew his real problem wasn't that she was shaking up his company, but that she was shaking up his heart and he was falling hard.

Morgan’s only goal is to help Derek and his company have the best image as they prepare to go public. But when their attraction pushes their relationship past the professional boundaries the company is not the only thing up for public inspection.

As their lives go on display for the world to see Derek and Morgan must both make important decisions about how committed they are to the new relationship growing between them. Are the emotions that keep pulling them back to each other real or are their feelings only skin deep?

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